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Man Made Hill - Mass Wasting

Man Made Hill
Mass Wasting

1. Fantasy Pantz
2. Preferential Treatment
3. Shredded
4. Psychic Detective
5. D.F.W.M.
6. Pain Customer
7. Mass Wasting
8. The Player Chamber
10. Knowledge Bitch
11. Rot with You
12. Tomb Rider
13. The Limit
14. The Limit II
15. Munchkin Legs

watch - Preferential Treatment


A rough collage of desperate funk swelling with the foreign and familiar, like the radiant pulse of a distant star beating in time with your own. The magma of obsession, decomposition, and geology coagulating in the richness of its oversexual viscosity. Solidifying into absurdist igneous rock under the overwhelming influence of the creeping reversal of the magnetic poles. Pure, benevolent, and perverse.